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Mississippi Windstorm Retrofit Mitigation Program

Retrofit mitigation are things that can be done to existing dwelling structures to help protect the structure from loss due to windstorm or hail.

There are three groups with various items that shall be done in order to receive credit. This program is a three step program, each item in a particular group must be completed in order to receive credit for that group. Also Group A must be fully completed in order to obtain credit from any other group.  The groups are as follows:

Group A Roof System (17% Credit)   Details [PDF]
  1. Roof Wall Connection    
  2. Collar - Tie / Ridge Board Connection    
  3. Hip Rafter Connection    
  4. Gable End Bracing    
  5. Soffit Protection    
  6. Roof Sheathing Reinforcement/Underlayment  
       (a)When not replacing the roof cover have a closed-cell, urethane-based adhesive foam applied to joints between roof sheathing and all structural members (on both sides of the members) and along any joints between sheathing panels.
       (b)When replacing the roof cover apply a high-wind rated roof cover that meets wind speed requirements for the site.

*Note - Properly installed pre-engineered trusses will eliminate the need for items 2 & 3.

All items in Group A must be completed in order to receive the listed credit or receive credit from any other group.

Group B Opening Protection (6% Credit)   Details [PDF]
  1. Windows    
  2. Doors    
  3. Garage Doors    

*Note - Properly installed engineered shutters may receive an additional 2% credit.

All items in Group B must be completed in order to receive the listed credit.

Group C Hazards (5% Credit)   Details [PDF]
  1. Clear all overhanging limbs
  2. Clear all trees greater than 15 feet tall and within 15 feet of the subject structure.

All items in Group C must be completed in order to receive the listed credit.

In addition to the mitigation costs there is a $250 non-refundable inspection fee payable to the MWUA. This fee will pay for an inspection of the property by an approved licensed engineer.