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About Beacon Agency

In this age of high tech gadgets, it is tempting to conclude that you no longer need an insurance agent for your insurance needs. On the other hand it is probable you will need an insurance agent more than ever. Unless you have the time to study all of your options to become an expert you could be outsmarted by your smartphone!

Your agent is like a trained personal assistant willing to guide you in dealing with any insurance question in the vast array of options available in the insurance field. Computers answer the question you pose. The key to the best answer is asking the right question and knowing where to find the best answer. Computers and phone apps are best used to connect you. Insurance agents serve you with experience and knowledge to obtain the best coverage your hard earned dollar can buy.

Our lighthouse logo symbolizes our commitment to guide your insurance decisions. As an independent insurance agency, we write insurance for multiple A+ rated insurance companies. We focus on your best interests including coverage and cost to find you the best deal that suits your needs. We are customer oriented and strive to find better ways to serve you.

The true test for any insurance product is: Will you be made whole after a claim? A lot of people learned valuable lessons after Hurricane Katrina. As your insurance agent we pledge to protect your interest first. Your questions and concerns are paramount.